SudhamSudhām is a passionate marketing professional who took the proverbial leap of faith to establish himself as a novelist when he left his job as the National Marketing Head of India’s largest FM Radio Network-92.7 BIG FM. Sudhām has an experience of over  fifteen years with brands such as Nokia (now marketed by HMD), Lenovo , MixRadioMicromax and TVS-E.

New LogoHe currently works with Luminous Power Technologies (a Schneider Group company) as General Manager – Marketing.

Having started his journey as a blogger, Sudhām publishes two blogs. www.keyedinthoughts.blogspot.com, a blog that showcases his poems, short stories and musings and www.abrandviewstory.com, a blog on brands and marketing that views the world from a marketer’s lens.

You can find out more about him at www.sudham.in


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