Campaign View

A page dedicated to the latest campaigns from various brands that catch my eye.  Some with an opinion most without.  The idea is to get a sense of what fellow marketers feel about the campaigns being showcased.

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Honda Mobilio

The Honda Mobilio is Honda’s latest release for the India market.  Its positioned as a family (plus) car.  A Brand View Story thinks that somehow the cards that Honda has laid out do not seem to complement each other.  Forces you to ask “What were they thinking when….”.  Judge for yourselves….

Apple: Your Verse

Its not often that you see advertising from Apple.  But when you do you really see it.

Pepsi: #BackToSchool

Remember feeling one with the brand when they’d said “choice of the new generation” ? Interesting how brands move forward and yet stay anchored. Pepsi’s new film is long but definitely worth a watch.

Chalk & Cheese: The Nissan Sunny Commercials

The two Nissan Sunny commercials are a study in contrast.  One can’t but feel having been let down.   Judge for yourself..

Where have the jingles gone??

Remember the days when you’d actually be humming ad jingles. Where have they gone.  Not many brands today attempt to create songs/jingles in their advertising here are some that made an impression on an entire generation. Enjoy!

Switch to Smart (Orient Electric)

A really cool campaign that puts across its message in a simple, lovable way.  Take a look

IPL 2014 Campaigns

Films from 4 campaigns launched by Pepsi, Vodafone, Aircel and Nokia around IPL. Take a look  and vote.


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