Guest View

Guest View

Welcome to the Guest View section of A Brand View Story.

This is an attempt to bring to you opinions and views on brands and marketing from the perspective of their exponents.  This section shall feature posts from guest bloggers.

A Brand View Story’s featured guest is ex-colleague and dear friend, Vivek Kulkarni.

Vivek is Director of Sales and Marketing at Energia SKYi Developers

A sales and marketing professional with over twentythree years of experience across multiple roles, industries and geographies.

A sharp analytical mind and an even sharper wit Vivek brings perspective to the role brands and the marketers behind them are playing at a time when COVID-19 scourge ravages India. Read on…

A Brand View Story is proud to have hosted:

Jasmeet Arora
Jasmeet is the Chief Believer at Karkhana (péro by Aneeth Arora) Jasmeet is the Chief Believer at Karkhana (péro by Aneeth Arora)

Jasmeet or Jassi as he prefers to be called, has a very wry, incisive style of writing. His take on corporate life in his own words is served with sarcasm. How to Claim victory for Social Media Campaign his post written exclusively for A Brand View Story is laden with it. Anyone who has spent a few years in the Marketing Department of a decent sized organisation would identify with it. Read on….

Sangita Joshi
Sangita Joshi
Co-founder & Managing Partner, EmPower Research

Sangita has a poser for Mr. Kotler. What is common between addiction and the 4P’s she asks, giving an insight into how the product mix pans out in the real world.  Read on….

 Babita Baruah
Babita Baruah Vice President & Executive Business Director, JWT

Love Your Client/Agency…Or Someone Else Will says Babita as she puts forth her views on the all important client/agency relationship and how transparency & honesty are still the glue. Read on….


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