Best Laid Plans

How many of us set out to fail? Well! Stupid question, but the fact is that not many of us set out to succeed either.

Most of us keep going ahead in life and believe in the song que sera sera..whatever will be..will be. Much like the piece of paper whose ascent and direction are determined by the gust of wind that blows it from one place to another.

There are yet some of us who don’t give their best till their backs are against the wall. Yes, five-setters are fun and nothing pumps an individual like coming in from the back and winning when the chips are down. But I bet that King Becker would himself concede that you can’t possibly come back from two sets down in every match and win the slam.

Thats the big picture. Its about winning the slam with as little taken away from you as possible. Its about winning not just one slam but as many as one can. So don’t always wait for your back to be against the wall before you fight back, see that you dont get pushed against the wall.

Yes, there’s very little that one can control in terms of the environment and how it changes around you. But, one CAN control how one responds to that change and that is the key.


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