The Middle of the Road Theory

Middle of the RoadWe’ve all heard about the middle of the road donkey that could not make up its mind. Flip the axis and we are now talking about traffic lanes.
This theory proposes that driving in the middle of road or the middle lane is beneficial.  Let me explain why.
Most people drive in the middle for one or some of the following reasons:

a) Basically opportunists who want to keep options open and slip into the fast lane or the slow lane whenever there’s a free run possible (large majority)

b) Generally or no particular reason (second majority) and

c) People who genuinely believe in the concept of lanes (Extinct)

Albeit, neither of the fore-mentioned tribe are committed to the middle lane, also giving basis of the theory:

“Persistence with a cause in the light of others lack of commitment to it is a foundation for success”

Funny yes; silly, not really. The corporate world is replete with examples that support my theory be it the makers of the compact disc player not seeing it through or the inventors of the laser engine not pursuing the idea further.

So as the wise men say “Persistence Pays” only thing.. others not persisting pays even better!!! Food for thought eh?


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