The Last Laugh

The last laughIt takes something special to laugh at yourself.  To do that not just in front of a mirror but it full public view, you need to have tremendous confidence in your ability.

We would have often seen brands employ humour in their communication. There are certain brands which are known not to take themselves seriously, they are about having fun and they do it unabashedly.  Then there are brand that mock their competition.  But very seldom have brands mocked themselves.

We have often talked about individuals as brands and in a celeb obsessed country like India we have quite a few.  But the masses are fickle they can put you on top or grind you to the ground.

This article is inspired by two examples where the protagonists had the courage to do it.  Yes the communication has not been initiated by them but the fact that they chose to be a part of it speaks volumes.  They took the risk of facing ridicule.  One is an example of someone who has done it at the very start of their career, the other one at the ebb.

Alia Bhatt

Sourav Ganguly

Like I mentioned to laugh at yourself needs confidence in one’s own ability.  A confidence that comes from not only understanding the strengths but also the weaknesses.  It requires resilience.

And what is it not?

Laughing at one self is not just demonstrated by the ability to take things in the lighter vein. It definitely is not about clowning around.

It’s about taking the bull by the horns. It’s about putting yourself out there to be judged with all your defects and inadequacies in the open. The risk is great but the rewards are far greater.

Can brands take a leaf out of this book and do the same?  Can they take a weakness and convert it into a strength? Laugh or ridicule themselves openly and then comeback even stronger? Can they have the last laugh?

Well as they say, “Nothing ventured noting gained!”