Playin Hookie

How often have you called in sick at work? Well, I don’t know why but I think that maybe “I am not feeling too well” or “Am down with a fever” somehow do not seem weighty enough in front of your office folks to merit a day off. The “Take Care!” from your colleagues sounds more cautionary than concerned.

The problem is you might have used up the “Not Keeping Well” routine some time i.e. the day you just wanted to stay back home and watch the match… or the morning after the night when you went partying and you just could’nt kick the hangover in time to make it to work…
Like they say the problem with lying is that you MUST HAVE a great memory in order to remember what you told and to whom the last time round. The highest level of this “art form” is when you start knocking your folks off! Once again a problem coz you need to keep track of the imaginary branches of your (or your wife’s) family tree that you keep chopping off!
So the next time you’re faced with a dilemma of what to tell the folks at work when you really aren’t well? Go for the truth ! But ofcourse, this time the detailing comes automatically…the sore throat, the coughing bout….it really works. Amazing thing is that you end up on a guilt trip the day you are actually telling the truth!!!
So is Playing Hookie really worth it?? Well, if you could do it when you were in school, why not now? If being mature and responsible means loosing spontaneity, then growing up is no fun.
All of us have risen beyond the call of duty many a time, working late hours, working holidays and postponing vacations. So, go ahead, you’ve earned your stripes.
Being responsible does not mean not playing hookie…it only means knowing when to.

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